EVO Visian ICL:

payments as low as $219/mo!

All-Inclusive Vision Correction

Here at Aurora LASIK, we pride ourselves on providing patients with the very best technology and care options that will give our patients their best results.  We also want to make all of our vision correction procedures as affordable as possible, so you are receiving the overall best value offered anywhere in the state.

We offer a handful of payment options and financing, check out our price page for details. We provide additional incentives for military and other professions as well, and offer financing options for payments as low as $219/mo.

What does ‘all-inclusive’ mean?

Our goal isn’t to perform a procedure; it’s to deliver life-changing results. Whether we recommend ICL or another vision correction treatment as your best option, our prices include everything needed to get you the best possible outcome. For ICL treatment this includes:

  • Your ICL vision correction procedure for both eyes
  • All post-operative examinations (as needed)
  • Lifetime Enhancement Guarantee with laser touch ups if needed

Flat-Fee Guarantee

Unlike other centers, we don’t charge different prices based on your prescription.  Regardless of whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism…etc., everyone is guaranteed to receive the same ICL treatment with the very best technology available.  With us, there are no surprises, ever!

Affordable 0% Financing

We believe vision correction should be affordable on any budget. That’s why we offer 0% financing and extended payment plans for up to seven years with even lower monthly payments.

Ready To Find Out What Your Best Option Is?

To best understand what option is best for you we will need to see you for our initial exam. Pick a convenient date and time online by clicking the button below:

A Little More About EVO ICL…

This “Implantable Contact Lens” is an alternative to LASIK for patients with high prescriptions. The EVO Visian ICL is an FDA-approved lens implant that is an effective treatment for extreme nearsightedness (up to -20 diopters), or for some patients that are not otherwise candidates for LASIK.