Laser Floater Treatment FAQ’S

Does Laser Floater Treatment hurt?

Laser Floater Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses a specially designed laser through a microscope to place a contact lens on your eye. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Rudd will administer eye drops to provide mild anesthesia.

Is Laser Floater Treatment safe?

With Laser Floater Treatment complications are very rare, however with everything in life nothing is risk free.

When making the decision to have LFT make sure you always do your research and choose a surgeon who is experienced.

When will my vision be fixed and when will I be able to go back to work?

With LFT there is no downtime, so you are able to return to normal day-to-day activities right after treatment without the hassle of visual floaters!

Each treatment session lasts about 20-60 minutes and most patients will need to undergo two treatment sessions, sometimes three, in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

Am I a candidate?

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