Pricing & Payment Options


Like the treatment itself, we believe that the cost of vision correction shouldn’t be intimidating.
With flexible payments and our flat-fee lifetime guarantee, we strive to make paying for your procedure as simple as getting it!


*Special 0% financing through ALPHAEON!*

Our All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

• Your comprehensive preoperative diagnostic exam

• Your laser vision correction procedure for both eyes

• All post-operative examinations (as needed)

Lifetime Enhancement Guarantee with laser touchups if needed

Other Pricing Perks:

• No money down & 0% annual interest (scroll below for details)

• Use your HSA/FSA to pay for vision correction and save up to 30% in tax credit (scroll below for details)

• Teachers, First Responders & Active Military receive an additional $250 VIP CARD

Ways to pay

With ALPHAEON you can:

• Schedule your procedure today with NO MONEY DOWN!

• Find a low monthly payment that works with your budget, extended payment options, and on some plans, 0% annual interest!

Pay NO Annual Fees!

Get Pre-Qualified TODAY with NO HARD HIT to your credit!

To apply come into the office and one of our friendly counselors can assist you. Call us at 360.459.5274 to schedule a time to chat.

HSA/FSA – Flexible Spending Accounts

Call us and we will be happy to explain how you can save by using your FLEX Account/Health Savings Account (FSA/HSA) to pay for your vision correction!

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are programs provided by many employers that allow you to pay for various medical procedures  – including vision correction – with pre-tax dollars. That means if your employer offers you an FSA/HSA account, you can save up to 30% by using those funds for your vision correction!

The Value Of Vision Correction

More often than not, the decision to have vision correction comes down to the cost for treatment.  And we stand by our cost because we offer our patients a level of customization, technology, experience, comfort and results that other centers do not.

And it’s your vision.  Are you going to discount your sight hoping for a deal?  Or go somewhere you trust is going to make you see better than you ever could without glasses and enjoy the experience the entire time?

And when you think about the cost, it’s pennies – it’s an investment…

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