Jay Rudd, M.D.

At Aurora LASIK, you’re not just choosing the best technology, you’re choosing the right surgeon and eye care team. Dr. Jay Rudd has been in private practice as a fellowship-trained cornea, cataract and refractive surgeon since 2000 and has performed thousands of vision correction procedures for the residents of Olympia, Lacey and beyond.

Intuitive and meticulous, Dr. Rudd is only satisfied with the best results possible within his operating room. He is his patients best advocate and prides himself on providing them excellent eye care. His caring and warm disposition is the foundation of strong bonds formed with those he cares for.

Angela Triebold, OD

Dr. Angela Triebold received her Doctor of Optometry degree from Pacific University in Oregon. Prior to coming to Aurora LASIK, Dr. Triebold helped establish the warfighter Regractive Eye Surgery Clinic at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fr. Lewis in 2002. She continued to practice at Madigan for 16 years, ensuring combat vision readiness for service members who had LASIK, PRK, or ICL surgery.

Compassionate, dedicated and with a positive attitude, Dr. Triebold believes that communication is key to providing quality patient care and building trust in a patient-physician relationship. She loves living in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys hiking, camping with her family and friends, playing the piano, and cheering on the Seattle Seahawks.


Nicole Markowitz


is the commander and chief (don’t tell Dr. Rudd)! You will see me buzzing around the office and am here to help you through your vision correction journey. My team is made up of some AMAZING gals that make sure your care and experience is their top priority. I look forward to seeing you in our office.

LIKES: Travel, strong coffee, motorcycle rides, spa treatments, hiking, a clean house and trips to Target.

DISLIKES: Horseradish, clutter, having to ask people twice, Gin and weak coffee.

Krystle Clement

Lead Ophthalmic Technician

pretty much runs the show… I’ve been here so long (14 years)! You will find me assisting Dr. Rudd in surgery and keeping my Technicians motivated with inspirational mirror quotes.

LIKES: Spending time with my family and animals. Coloring my hair and doing my nails. Not leaving my house.

DISLIKES: Close-minded people and I don’t like my hands touched ewwwwwww I can feel your fingerprints.

Ashley Scott

Refractive Technician

will make you laugh… just kidding but you will hear my laugh around the office and my coworkers say it’s contagious (and I have to agree) . I am in and out of the office working hard to help achieve your goals of clearer vision. I’m not super Cornea but I do love a good eye joke.

LIKES: Camping, sunflowers, goats, going to concerts, spending time with my family and napping with my dogs

DISLIKES: Spiders, pickles, and folding laundry

Dakota Saldomridge

Refractive Technician

will be one of the welcoming faces that will be preparing you for your visit with the Doctors, I’m a little socially awkward and will fill our time babbling about the weather and your upcoming plans. Eye wish you the best!

LIKES: Spending time with my husband and family, playing video games, reading and long walks on the beach.

DISLIKES: Spiders, rain/cloudy weather, and waking up to a cold house.

Katie Vira

Refractive Technician

Mary Gadsden

Refractive Technician

will be the one who helps you through your consultation, evaluation and after surgery appointments! Basically I will walk you through the whole process, except surgery, we will leave that up to Dr. Rudd. Can’t wait to help you through your vision correction journey!!

LIKES: Anything Outdoors! Exploring, My dogs & Anyone else’s dogs!

DISLIKES: Pessimists, snakes, anything closely related to snakes.

Candace Galway


will assist you on your vision journey from taking your scans to assisting Dr. Rudd in surgery. I guess you could say I am pretty important but I can still make a lot of jokes about eyes…  I have a Vitreous humor.

LIKES: Iced coffee, reading on the back porch, exploring new places

DISLIKES: Loud noises, spiders/bugs

Chanteria Puryear

Patient Counselor

Leah Rudd

Patient Counselor

helps explain procedures, ease nerves, and schedule procedures…. and goof off on TikTok on behalf of Aurora LASIK. I’m ready to help you get rid of your glasses or contacts!

LIKES:  I like candy and ice cream. I LOVE anything Disney (especially the music. I will belt it all day/everyday)

DISLIKES:  I dislike being out of candy and ice cream!

Tanya Klemmer

Patient Service Representative

greets you with a friendly smile when you first come into Aurora LASIK. I will  check you in for your appointment and am here to assist with anything you may need to help your experience be AMAZING, so please don’t hesitate to ask!




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