Amanda’s PRK story

October 7, 2019 | Testimonials

Amanda's PRK story

My names Amanda, and I had PRK done back in December of 2017 at Aurora LASIK. When I got my surgery, I just couldn’t believe how I could see right away. I started crying because I could see - I’m going to start crying now! Before everything was a blur, and then I walked out of surgery and I could see in detail. It was life changing. I just can’t stop myself from looking at the trees as I’m driving because I can literally see every single leaf. When my kids get out of college, if they have bad vision, their graduation present is going to be PRK or LASIK because it is simply amazing.

The motivation for my husband and I to get surgery was that both of our eyes were extremely bad. I didn't want to have to get eye surgery later on in life, I wanted to get it now so I could enjoy my life. Another thing is that we are saving a lot of money on contacts and glasses. It’s crazy how much you save. Aurora broke the pricing down for me and showed me how much I would save in my lifetime. It was about $30,000 I would save over my life from contacts and glasses alone, so that was a seller for me. The price of the procedure for the amount you're saving is nothing.

Aurora treats you like family. A huge thing for me is feeling comfortable with the people who are going to fix me. The procedure literally took 10 minutes, and after that I could see, which was huge. It was the best experience ever.

I have already sent friends here. I have told friends they need to go get it done because they won’t understand until they do it. It’s been incredible, but that doesn’t even do it justice. Why it’s incredible is because, since 8 years old, I've hated wearing glasses. I didn’t like the way I looked in them. Now I feel like I am the way I’m supposed to be.

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