Kristin & Josh’s Vision Correction Story

December 1, 2021 | Testimonials

Listen to Kristin & Josh's Vision Correction story.

Kristin: “Hi, I’m Kristen.”

Josh: “Hi, I’m Josh”

Kristin: “And we both got PRK at Aurora LASIK by Dr. Rudd. I got glasses in elementary school, I’ve worn contacts since I was 12 and my vision was just really terrible so getting up in the middle of the night I could never see anything, waking up in the morning. It was just something I’ve always wanted to do and it felt like it was finally the right time.”

Josh: “My motivation was working in construction and glasses fogging up all the time with the masks. I can’t wear contact, my eyes were too dry so it was always glasses. So she did it, she survived and enjoyed it and so I decided to do it and a week afterwards we were good to go and it’s been awesome. Best thing we’ve done.”

Kristin: “Yeah, you see perfect.”

Josh: “20/15. Yeah, so much better, it’s been awesome”

Kristin: “It’s amazing, I still have to pinch myself that I’m not wearing anything, like, I’m not wearing contacts, I’m not wearing glasses, these are just my eyes.”

Josh: “It’s been very enjoyable especially during summer and not having to worry about going in the pool, going out on the beach um it’s just your eyes so.”

Kristin: “Yeah. It’s pretty incredible that, that science is out there and that they can do that and they can just fix peoples eyes in that short amount of time. It's amazing. Why doesn’t everybody do this because there’s like, it’s not just contacts or glasses, it’s kind of like I feel like putting a band-aid on your problem but you can actually heal your eyes. It’s kind of amazing.”

Josh: “Yeah our experience at Aurora LASIK is awesome. Everyone’s been really friendly, super helpful.”

Kristin: “I think comforting”

Josh: “Outstanding customer service of just even ‘hey do you need a bottle of water?’ you know, it’s just that everyone has a great attitude all the time. I would definitely recommend Aurora LASIK”

Kristin: “I wish I had done it sooner absolutely. I was scared about the recovery time especially with PRK because it’s a little bit more intensive, I guess, If I could go back like 10 years ago and tell myself anything it’d be ‘It’s worth it. Just do it now. Don’t waste the time and just do it.

Josh: “ I would say the experience was life changing. It prepares you for the rest of your life to be healed in that 15 minutes, you know, so everything else you do on a daily basis, morning, at night, contacts and glasses- is gone.“

Both: “Thanks Dr. Rudd.”

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