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Get Your Questions Answered About LASIK...

Does LASIK Hurt?

You know I’m really glad you asked that question. We get that question quite often. No LASIK does not hurt. We give you some sedation beforehand, and we also give you some good numbing drops. Now you will feel some pressure during the first part of the procedure, but in essence LASIK is a pretty painless procedure.

Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK is a procedure where we change the front surface of your eye, the cornea. We reshape it to focus light so you can see in the distance, and that is a change that should last you forever. Now as we age, there are some changes inside of the eye that happen with your natural lens that makes it more challenging to read up close. That’s why people start using reading glasses. We have good options for treating that when the time does come, but know that that frost surface change - that corneal change we do with LASIK - is something that lasts forever.

Is LASIK Safe?

That is an important question to ask before having this procedure. LASIK is one of the most successful and safest procedures performed in the United States. It’s been performed for over 25 years, millions of people have benefited from LASIK surgery, and yet the complication rate and infections are incredibly low. The good news is, the majority of the time, we can treat some of those complications and get you still seeing very well. Fortunately, we have not seen and infection at Aurora, and we’ve had very very low complication rates. Part of the reason though is because we’ve invested in some of the best technology in order to get you screened and make sure you are an excellent candidate. As a cornea trained specialist, I often see many of the complications that occur with people who perform surgery perhaps when they shouldn’t have. That is something that we take a lot of time and a lot of pride in - looking at your eyes and determining whether you’re an excellent candidate.

Am I Asleep for the Procedure?

No, we need your cooperation during the procedure. But it is an extremely fast procedure, one that we give you numbing drops and a little bit of sedation for. We hold you eye open with an eyelid opened, and we have an eye-tracker in our last that moves about a thousand times a second, so much faster than your eye, to pick up and micro movements that may happen during the procedure. This is something you do not need to be asleep for, and something you are going to be so happy to experience.

What is the Recovery Time for LASIK?

The recovery time from LASIK is very rapid. You’re going to go home that evening, and you’re going to feel some slight irritation. You’ll take a nap to get through that period, and then when you wake up your eyes will feel a lot better and you’ll start seeing a lot better. The next day, you’ll actually be able to drive yourself in for your follow-up visit. Most people will be able to resume their normal activities within 24 to 48 hours. The great news is you’re going to be able to go out and enjoy your life with quality vision in a very short period of time.

What Results can I Expect After LASIK?

We are so excited with with result we are getting with LASIK surgery these days. With our new technology, or goal is even better than what you’ve had with glasses or contacts. In fact, the vast majority of our patient see better than 20/20.

Does LASIK Cause Dry Eyes?

No, we do not believe LASIK causes dry eyes. In fact, that vast majority of our patients who come in for LASIK consultations are coming in because their contacts are irritating them, and are feeling dry. After they have LASIK surgery, that contact lens irritation is no longer there and they feel much better. In fact, a recent study showed this exact thing. Now for the first three months after LASIK, your eyes are going to feel a little irritated. That is something we are going to get you eye drops for and help you get through that process until you can return to your baseline.

Can LASIK Improve my Night Vision?

Some of our patients say that their night vision is actually better after LASIK surgery. We don’t like to promise that, we usually tell people that their night vision will be about the same as what it his before surgery. However, this is without glasses. We’re able to now say this because the technology in our lasers is designed to help improve what are called higher order aberrations - thing that affect your nighttime vision. We can now treat those a lot better and so thus your nighttime vision is actually better than it was prior to LASIK.

Why Does Technology Matter? Aren’t All Lasers the Same?

Technology surgery in LASIK is a very important topic, and no, not all lasers are created equal. When I started doing LASIK surgery about 20 years ago, the chance of us getting you to 20/20 vision was about 50%. We are now at over 97% of people with 20/20 with out current technology. With our new technology, the procedure is faster, it’s safer, and we’re able to treat a wider range of patients than we were before. LASIK technology is very important question, and something that we pride ourselves on - offering the latest technology that is out the is out there.

Why is there Such a Different in Price Between Centers?

I know it can be pretty overwhelming when looking for LASIK surgeons or LASIK surgery centers. So many prices, so many different facilities. But you know the old saying, sometimes when it sounds too good to be true, it is. Most centers out there who offer low prices are not going to include many things. They’re not going to have the latest technology, they’re not going to offer postoperative care, they’re not going to offer a lifetime enhancement policy. At Aurora LASIK, we’re very proud to offer a single price - one that includes the lifetime enhancement, on that includes the postoperative care, and one that includes a great experience and surgical procedure. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years. I’m the owner of Aurora LASIK, and we’re committed to offering you an incredible experience with your eyes.

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