Shemaiah’s Vision Correction Story

January 31, 2020 | Testimonials

Shemaiah's Visian ICL Treatment Story

I was interested in having my eyes done, I didn’t know if I qualified for LASIK surgery or not. So I came here and I had the Visian ICL. I wanted to make sure that I got the best quality and the best care possible, that was very important to me. I wanted to feel safe and comfortable wit my doctor and the staff. And so when I saw Aurora LASIK it had a 5.0 rating and I was like, “This place has to be awesome and I have to check it out.”

Everything looked state-of-the-art so I was really really pumped up and excited. They made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. I really felt good about coming in, and then when I met Dr. Rudd, it was a done deal, and I thought, “He’s the doctor that I want.”

I was a little taken aback because I thought, “An implant in my eye? I don’t know if I’m going to like that or how that is going to work for me in the long run.” I was a little bit skeptical at first, but when they really explained the procedure and the side effects were very minimal, I thought, “Okay, I need to give this a shot.” I mean, what could go wrong? What else could go wrong? My vision is already bad, so I thought lets just give it a shot and see how this works

When I opened my eyes I was like “I can actually see with out my glasses or contacts!?” It was so exciting, it was the best feeling ever, that I went into the clinic and I though Oh my goodness, I can actually see the letters. I can see perfect, I can see so clear. I keep on saying amazing, but it really really is. I think it is going to be life-changing for me personally.

One thing that I like to do, I like to swim, and I like to go to the ocean. I had a really big trip in 2017, and I had forgotten my contacts. So we had a plan to go snorkeling, and we still went, but the snorkeling was a little bit touch and go because I really couldn’t see anything unless it was really up close. So now I have a chance to go back and do my snorkeling and this time really really enjoy it. But just to see everything far away and see everything so clearly… words can’t even express how it makes me feel. It makes me feel overjoyed.

Yes I was very nervous, because when you think about something coming so close to your eyes, and someone else touching your eyes or looking that closely into your eyes, is very scary. But I felt I really didn’t have anything to lose at this point, and they really made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Rudd was very thorough in all of his explanations, very patient. And like I said, I was calling the staff all the time and asking what I’d be able to do and what I could do afterwards, and they always returned my calls in a timely manner, I felt really comfortable. Everyone here is very friendly, you will be well taken care of if you come to this clinic.

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