Wayne’s LASIK story

October 30, 2019 | Testimonials

Wayne's LASIK story

My name is Wayne Dixon, and I got the LASIK Monovison surgery from Dr. Rudd. My wife had her vision corrected about 4 years ago, and it was pretty life changing. We went to Mount Rainier, and it was the first time she could see definition in the mountain, and it actually brought her to tears. I thought that was so awesome. I had struggled with glasses and eyesight, so I decided it was time to get mine done. She’s doing great, seeing better that 20/20, and so am I, better than 20/20.

I do a lot of stuff in the outdoors, and anyone who’s been in the weather in the Northwest knows it doesn’t agree with glasses. It’s frustrating and burdensome. I needed near vision and distance vision corrections, and when I came in, I didn’t know how much they could do to correct my eyes, but I found out they could correct both with Monovision, and it’s been great.

With fly fishing I do a lot of fly tying, and it is very intricate work. I don’t have to have three sets of bifocals anymore; I can just tie flies at will.

I was a little nervous when I first came to Aurora, but the staff has been great. They was really educational, very informative about the whole procedure, it was painless, recovery time was quick, and I’m happy. I’d do it again in a second. It has been life changing. It’s such a freedom from glasses - anyone who has worn glasses for a long time knows the difficulties that you face every day. Not having to worry about that is amazing.

My life is 100% better. Well… I don't know about 100%, but it’s pretty good!

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