Chanteria’s EVO ICL Story

November 2, 2023 | Testimonials, Uncategorized


Chanteria's EVO ICL Story

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Chanteria is our lead patient counselor here at Aurora LASIK, and an all-around amazing human being. Full of life and personality, she make sure to provide smiles to everyone she encounters on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, Chanteria also struggled with her vision.  Having had to wear glasses her whole life she, understood all too well the frustrations that came with not being able to see clearly.

So while she could relate to our patients' frustration with having to deal with glasses and contacts, She also had a unique issue with her vision that meant she was not a candidate for LASIK.

Obviously, this was an unfortunate situation, especially since she works at a place that provides clear vision to people of all ages on a regular basis!

Thankfully, vision, correction technology continues to evolve, and with the introduction of the new EVO ICL, this meant Chanteria could finally enjoy the same freedom of sight without glasses that she not only advocated to our patients, but also witnessed constantly when they experienced their life-changing transformation.

This was a very special case for us here at Aurora, because we were THRILLED to finally be able to give her the gift of Sight Without Glasses that she wanted from the very start!

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The Benefits of EVO ICL

The EVO ICL is an implantable contact lens that allows patients who might not be ideal LASIK candidates to achieve the same clear, crisp vision they deserve.

This, safe, effective, and completely reversible procedure means that anyone who struggles with blurry vision could still see clearly regardless of their eye health or prescription.

If you’ve ever been told you not a LASIK candidate, EVO ICL could be the solution you are searching for to finally enjoy the freedom to wake up and see clearly!   

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Schedule your exam with Dr. Rudd and Aurora LASIK to find out the best vision correction option that could have you seeing clearly without glasses and contacts!

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