Brittany’s PRK Story

January 4, 2023 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Brittany's PRK Story.

Hello my name is Brittany Wilhelme and I had PRK at Aurora LASIK here in Lacey. I have been wearing glasses since I was 11 and I have used contacts since I was 13. And I have started to have a lot of problems with my contacts. I actually ended up with an ulcer on my eye at one point. And of course with the masks through the pandemic, wearing my glasses it was always in a fog and if was raining it was always really really difficult. I couldn’t wear sunglasses, it effected me to do my job on the computer because I would have to take my glasses off and put my glasses on. And contacts are always a pain. There is just so much that goes into contacts, making sure that they are safe when they are in your eyes so you’re not getting an infection. I just kinda became overwhelming. And I wanted the opportunity to be able to wakeup in the morning and just SEE.

I spent about two years thinking about it, evaluating the cost, weighing out my return on investment. And I finally decided it was costing me more to have my glasses and contacts every year then if I just saved up and paid for the procedure.

I’m SO happy that I did. I do still have moments like at night when I go to lay down on my pillow I’ll try to take my glasses off. I wore them for so many years um, but now it’s such a relief to be able to wakeup in the morning, see my kids playing, go outside, to be able to drive. My astigmatism was corrected so I don’t have that weird glare in the light so I can make out lights, night driving is so much easier, its been fantastic. 

Yeah, it changes everything to just be able to pickup all of those details. To be able to see signs from far away. Um to have that detail, it make school easier, it made work easier because I could see things that I haven't seen before. I didn’t have to turn my head quit as far because I didn’t have that blurry peripheral vision. It’s been absolutely fantastic. 

Having this procedure done has made a major impact on almost every aspect of my life. I have a kiddo that runs cross country, now I can see him running across the field from far away. I can engage with my normal activities without issue. I’m able to swimming. Now when I wear goggles I can see things that are under the water. I’m able to engage in reading and working and it been made so much easier because I have the vision to make sure I’m capturing the details and I’m seeing the things that I want to see.

If I were going to give anybody advice, anybody that is wearing contacts or glasses about wither or not they want to get LASIK done. I would encourage you to come down to Aurora LASIK, get and evaluation, weigh out your options. How much does it cost for your glasses and contacts every year. And think about how much nicer it would be to not wakeup with glasses. I would encourage anybody who’s been thinking about it, who might be sitting on the fence, to come down get an evaluation see if it’s an option and get it done. Because it’s changed my life for sure and I know that it’s changed everything that I do with my family.


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