Reuben’s Vision Correction Story

December 21, 2021 | Testimonials

Reuben's Vision Correction story.

“I’m Reuben, I got my LASIK procedure done at Aurora LASIK and I had it done yesterday. I don’t know the exact number but my vision was pretty bad, I mean, dependent on glasses pretty much 24/7. Take them off when I go to bed or in the shower but otherwise glasses all the time for, you know, years and years. Now I don’t need them so it’s pretty cool. Seeing great, perfect vision, um they just did a vision test and it’s like 20/15, they said, so 20/15 is better than 20/20 so yeah I’m better than perfect in less than 24 hours and then there was always that, like you always feel the weight of them on there and now just to not feel that weight constantly all day, you know almost 24 hours a day is very um freeing. The science behind it is amazing too, I mean it’s like almost a miracle but in real life- a real miracle. Yay for science! So yeah, it’s amazing. Yesterday I came here having to wear glasses and had the quick procedure and, you know, the next day I’m seeing fine. Drove here, didn’t need any glasses, seeing perfectly so, that quick just from dependent on glasses to completely free of them within less than 24 hours and feeling fine.

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