John’s Vision Correction Story

April 26, 2022 | Testimonials

John's Vision Correction story.

Hi my name is john martin I’m 67 and I had RLE done to these. I got it done at Aurora LASIK by Dr. Rudd. I am I am extraordinarily happy with this I have been reading with these hold on I will show you 25 years I had to deal with these and I was tired I was tired of them and when I talked to Dr. Rudd about options, alternatives, he talked about RLE and I just got I just got totally blown away by the concept of it so long story short he does my eyes and I can throw these away. I am so done with you I am so done with you and I can see everything without them. As I got older when I was about 40 years old 45 my eyes just started to um decline a little bit and I needed readers right away and uh and then just naturally went from there as things do and I had to get stronger readers and and eventually I had trifocals because I just I needed them. For for quite a few years I kept telling the doctors all my friends are getting this thing called LASIK can I do that they go no not for you because my eyes were different than theirs but then the RLE technology came out and Dr. Rudd explained it to me he goes ‘this was made for you’. I just got I got a good vibe after Dr. Rudd that that he was just a good guy he knew what he was doing he was going to take care of me and I had my surgery and I said I have not worn these since and I can see far away I can see up close. I’m um I’m loving it not not an iota of regret not not one single ounce of regret.”

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