Sairah’s Vision Correction Story

April 26, 2022 | Testimonials

Sairah's Vision Correction story.

My name is Sairah and my daughter is Elinore and I had a LASIK procedure done at Aurora LASIK. They are so welcoming and make the process very easy to walk through with them. I had my evaluations done here they've been very kind and walked me step by step through each thing and made me just feel comfortable with everything that needed to be done. Day of the surgery is so fun they literally take my hand and walk me everywhere I need to go. Dr. Rudd and Dr. Triebold went over everything with me three or four times to let me know what the expectations were so that anything that I could experience I already was aware of ahead of time. It made the whole thing just wonderful and happy and fun.”

E: “And now she doesn't have to wear her glasses but she has to have eyebrows to keep her eyes wet.”

S: “Yeah it is a big relief to just not have to worry about it anymore. I was a negative five and a half ish in each eye with the stigmatism and now I’m 2015. When I first was sitting up from having the surgery done your vision's a little blurry but the first thing that I saw setting up was my daughter and she and my husband stood up and everybody was clapping because they're darling and they're so supportive and it's so fun and it's exciting but the first thing I got to see was her and I had laid down on the table with vision so bad I couldn't see further than this and she's a few yards away and I could see her how happy are we that mommy can see all by myself?”

E: “Happy!”

S: “Yes!”

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