Shailee’s LASIK Story

November 1, 2022 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Shailee's LASIK story.

My name is Shaylee, I got LASIK eye surgery in 2019 here at Aurora LASIK. I came in definitely nervous um and they again made me feel at ease. I was shaking a little bit just from the nerves and everyone was so kind and warm and as I went into the procedure they ended up giving me a stuffed animal to hold on to. Which was kind of funny laughing about it as a grown adult holding onto a stuffed animal. But it ended up working out and they talked me through the entire procedure and it was over really quick.

So when I woke up the next morning and ran down stairs and opened up my window because I couldn’t see previously without putting contacts in or wearing glasses. I opened up my window and I could read the writing on the dumpster across the parking lot. It was kind of magical like it was sharper than contacts and glasses had ever been for me. The vision was just like I had looked through the perfect pair of glasses for the first time. So I had played around with taking photos a little bit before getting LASIK. My photos were always blurry it was really frustrating, it didn’t matter if I adjusted the viewfinder on the camera to match up with my prescription but my photos always came out just slightly blurry or really blurry. So I kind of gave up on photography as much as I loved it because I just felt like well I don’t have what it takes. Fast forward I got LASIK done and later that year the following year I had picked up a camera again because my friends asked me to do some engagement photos for them. And I took their photos and their photos were sharp and everything kind of changed in that moment where I realized my contacts and glasses weren’t cutting it for photography. After I got LASIK it changed the photography world for me and now I’m a wedding photographer full-time.

I am so glad I got LASIK. I would do it again and again if I had to.

The advice I’d give to somebody who’s on the edge of maybe getting LASIK and they’re currently wearing glasses, I would tell them to jump. It’s worth it, at the very least go get the consultation done, learn more about it. That’s what helped me decide, ok yes this is for me. Coming in and talking to the people at Aurora, they will answer all of your questions and put you at ease and again it’s a life-changing experience to get done.”


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