Thinh’s EVO ICL Story

November 10, 2022 | Testimonials, Uncategorized

Thinh's EVO ICL Story.

"Hi my name is Thinh and I had the EVO Vision ICL. It was great, from the begging, the whole, until now, they have been very helpful and I have had a lot of questions. When I come in for my console or for the checkup, every single time a question pop up I would give them a call. So when I had my consult and they did my eye check um, they did explain that LASIK was not an option, same thing with PRK, I believe that’s what it’s called so the only option available was vision ICL which I was fine with. So she started explaining a little bit to me about it, what it is. I was just so excited, I’m doing this I did this I want to do it. Nothing else was going to change my mind so I went forward with it.

First surgery was my left eye and I was really nervous I could feel my heart really pumping, but that was just the unknown. So after that was done I think it was like under 10 minutes I knew what I was getting into the second eye and so when I went into to get my right eye done I knew what to expect and it was just a breeze.

I remember that first morning when I woke up early in the morning and when I got back to bed I looked outside and I could see and that was life-changing. I laid in bed for a little but just looking outside and it was WOW. There are certain things I don’t have to think about now and mostly its vision. If I drive and somehow forgot to grab my glasses I won’t be able to drive. So just for that simple basic matter, to be able to see clearly without glasses or even contacts it’s been great.

So one of the factors of why I wanted to get eye surgery to correct my vision was vacation. And I like beach sunny places to go vacation to. It really was a pain to switch out the glasses every single time I go outside I go back indoors and this was one of the major factors of why I wanted to get it other than the groove behind my ears. But I went on vacation um not too long ago and it was amazing, I didn’t have to event think about it. I go out pop my sunglasses in and it was gonna go inside take the glasses out and I can see. So I think overall it’s just doing normal day activities where you don’t have to wear something to be able to see.

For someone who had to wear glasses for so long and who has thought about correcting my vision to be able to do this, to afford to be able to do this has been truly amazing."


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